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Website copywriting, internet copywriting, copywriting courses

Website copywriting & internet copywriting courses, classes, and books to:

  • Dramatically increase your online sales
  • Get the highest possible search engine ranking
  • Write traffic building direct opt-in email campaigns
  • Utilize the power of direct mail copywriting and marketing campaigns
  • And make your business an “Internet Success Story”…

Dear Fellow Internet Entrepreneur,

You have found the “Missing Link” of internet success…persuasive website copywriting. And we are not talking about linking programs or the legal concept of “copyrighting” content- we are talking the basic element of internet selling, which is often overlooked in the design oriented online industry. That basic element is persuasive web site copywriting – the term used for writing online sales copy – the powerful words that sell your products or services.

The Secret is almost out…

What secret? Well, it is not much of a secret in the brick and mortar world. But, it is a secret in the online Website World. We believe that “website copywriting” will be the next huge buzzword on how to be successful online. Like “viral marketing”, “B2B”, “branding”, etc…

Get a jump on your competition…

Only about 2% of websites are making money. How do they do it? By using selling words… persuasive words. In a nutshell: powerful website copywriting. If you follow the guidelines in these powerful copywriting products, you will be in that 2%, and not the other 98% who have don’t understand the importance of persuasive sales copy.

Turn your website into a selling machine with powerful website copywriting…

Words are your site’s salespeople. Working 24/7… for free. Once you have “trained” them by using powerful website copywriting techniques, your site will become your #1 salesperson – working hard for you while you enjoy some of your hard earned success.

Words sell, not graphics…

Do you just hand out pictures of your products during a sales call? Hand out pictures of you performing a service? Of course not! You use your persuasive words to sell your customer on the benefits of working with your business. You, as the owner, know the words to use to turn a prospect into a customer. But, does your internet site?

The bottom line: You are the best writer for your business…

You know your products and/or services. You know your clients and customers. You say you are not a writer. That might be true – but you are a persuader. With a small investment, these internet copywriting courses and classes will show you how, in an easy step-by-step process, to become a master e-persuader for your online business.

PS: All of these products have a 100% Money Back Guarantee. We would never sell a product that did not have a great guarantee.

(Tip: A powerful guarantee is one of the most powerful and persuasive website copywriting secrets known to mankind…)